Severe (Chestnut-Fronted) Macaw: Bird Species Profile

Eye-catching and also charmingly carefree, severe macaws are the most extensive of the small macaws. These birds load a great deal of personality into a smaller sized, easier-to-care-for package. They are actually also one of the best talkers and also delight in fraternizing their individual flock.

Species Overview TYPICAL NAMES: Severe macaw, chestnut-fronted macaw, Brazilian green macaw

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ara severa severa

ADULT SIZE: 15 to twenty ins, evaluating only under 1 pound

LIFE SPAN: Can be actually expected to live for up to 30 years, some even longer

Origin as well as History

The serious macaw is actually native to southerly Central America and also northerly South America. It is actually specifically famous in Panama and also Bolivia. There are actually also populaces in Brazil, where the bird is actually generally called the Brazilian eco-friendly macaw. This species has actually been offered to Florida also. It gets the label "serious" for its vigorous stage of advancement at adolescence.

In bush, the intense macaw appreciates rainforests and also environments of all kinds provided that trees are actually readily available. They generally favor areas that undergo waterway flooding. It can be testing to find all of them considering that they enjoy roosting in tooth cavities high up in the plants.

Farm industries use a lot of food items for these birds. It's certainly not uncommon to find big, really loud groups seeking the industries early in the morning. These birds can be a problem for farmers.

Severe macaws commonly congregate at clay-based bits with a range of other birds. These clay-based mountains often dued to destruction along shores are well-known locations for a lot of parrots. It is actually thought that the clay supplements their diet, defending against toxic substances in their meals and also providing crucial minerals.


Not bred in bondage just as long as various other parrots, severe macaws have certainly not been entirely domiciliated. They remain to exhibit much of their intuitions like shrilling and lunging. However, when interacted as a young bird, they may come to be perfect pet dogs.

Comical as well as welcoming, the intense macaw's larger-than-life personality makes it a favored with bird fans. Along with adequate socializing, serious macaws connect swiftly with their managers, reacting effectively to instruction, learning tricks, as well as including impressive speech capacities.

Serious macaws are likewise interested. They adore challenges and activities as well as can come to be enamored through bright factors. Maintain your fashion jewelry unreachable; it may acquire accidentally damaged.

One distinct characteristic that seems to be misplaced using this welcoming varieties is that they usually don't such as a great deal of touching. On a regular basis, they're even more satisfied to become near their manager or even on their shoulder, but for the most part, this parrot carries out certainly not like cuddling or petting.

Like many parrots, intense macaws undergo a bluffing phase as they get to maturity. This phase can last for 2 full weeks or even up to two years. If you intend on receiving a youthful macaw, you will certainly require to become individual and impose its instruction throughout possible durations of lunging, nipping, biting, hissing, as well as standard resistance to communication. Therefore, pre-adolescent macaws may certainly not be suitable for families along with children.

Speech as well as Vocalizations

Intense macaws are among the best talking parrots. Much of these birds can easily talk with surprising clarity, and their shrill vocal is actually quite fun to listen closely to. They can easily also cultivate a considerable vocabulary.

Their vocalisms can be exciting and also magnificent to display for visitors, however this bird can come to be way too much for some owners and their neighbors. It is actually an extremely loud bird for its own size as well as is actually understood to call out in the dusk, early morning, and noontime. It is best to neglect unwanted screams as opposed to scold the bird. They're smart birds, and also they will eventually know best from incorrect.

Extreme Macaw Colors and also Markings

Serious macaws are typically a shimmery eco-friendly with dark, chestnut-colored patches on their foreheads as well as under their beaks. Royalty of their head possesses a patch of rainbowlike blue plumes, and they shoulder distinct reddish patches on the edges of their wings. The rear plumes are actually blue along with reddish undersurfaces, which twinkle when they're in tour.

This variety shows the timeless basic macaw face patch. This bird additionally has clear, darkened plume pipes circling around the eyes, which is unique amongst macaws.

The bird's beak as well as feets are gray, and also the iris of their eyes is actually a stunning yellow-gold. It is actually a monomorphic bird, implying that the males and women are identical. To identify the sex, your bird would need hereditary screening or a medical sexing method.

Taking care of a Severe Macaw

While intense macaws are actually understood to become very social, all parrots need a particular amount of instruction to guarantee that the bird continues to be tame. Make sure that you at the very least two hrs to devote with your household pet daily.

Without socialization and adequate psychological stimulation, extreme macaws can increase uninterested and disheartened, which can bring about detrimental habits and also stress-related health problem.

Extreme macaws can be fun dogs, but they demand time as well as specialized care that certainly not everybody may supply. They flourish on household time since it duplicates the sensation of a flock, as well as, unlike a few other parrots, they don't often tend to come to be strictly one-person birds.

An additional consideration just before you commit to this bird is the price of possession. Aside from the preliminary design for the bird, think of the avian veterinarian expenses, premium feed, as well as the extra costs for a cage, participate in stand, and also playthings.

Also for a smaller macaw, this bird needs to have a crate sized for a sizable macaw that goes to least 5-feet high and also 3-feet broad as well as 2-feet long. These birds need to have area to stretch out their airfoils entirely and adequate room to ambulate the cage without barrier.

Common Health Problems

Intense macaws are actually a robust types of macaw. They carry out certainly not get unwell regularly. Nonetheless, if they were actually to become subjected to various other unwell birds, they are at risk to proventricular expansion illness (macaw losing illness) and psittacosis (chlamydiosis or parrot high temperature).

The trick to a well-balanced bird is actually a well-thought-out diet, a frequent workout routine, sanitary casing problems, continuous rest at night, and everyday socialization along with its individual group.

If the bird feels overlooked or disregarded, it may turn to unwanted behaviors like plume plucking or loud screeching.

Diet regimen as well as Nutrition

In bush, their diet plan contains seeds, almonds, fruits, green leafy issue, and florals. Feed your intense macaw a diverse diet regimen containing high-grade seed as well as pellet mix and also everyday offerings of fresh bird-safe fruits and veggies.

Each macaw, relying on its own dimension, will consume regarding 1/2 to 3/4 mug of parrot mix as well as concerning 1/2 to 3/4 mug of veggies and fruit everyday. You can easily feed it the moment in the early morning upon waking and also at sundown just before it goes to sleep.

Fruit products that are great to nourish to macaws feature apples, pears, plums, cherries, grapes, oranges, bananas, berries, papayas, and mangos. Certainly never feed avocado, rhubarb, or dark chocolate; these foods items are poisonous to birds.


Extreme macaws could be much smaller macaws, yet they are all muscle mass. In the wild, an extreme macaw might soar numerous hundred kilometers a time searching for food. It is actually necessary to supply sufficient workout for your family pet to keep a well-balanced physical body.

Household pet serious macaws need to be given a minimum required of two to four hrs playtime beyond their crate daily. This out-of-cage time is going to enable the bird to flex its muscles as well as exercise its own wings and beak.

You need to also provide your bird with a lot of playthings. They are intelligent birds as well as will thoroughly appreciate any kind of activities or puzzles you may give them. To maintain your bird stimulated, turn its own toys commonly, so it regularly seems like it has a brand new plaything.

Where to Adopt or even Buy a Severe Macaw

Investment an extreme macaw coming from a reputable breeder or even fostering organization. Contact dog breeders to observe if you can easily spend some opportunity along with all of them as well as their birds.

Some on-line sources where you can locate extreme macaw include:

  • Birds Now

  • Saving the Birds

  • Birds of Paradise

Be sure that the bird you wish to take home looks out, energetic, and also exhibits all the indicators of a healthy and balanced bird, such as intense eyes, well-maintained plumes, and complete crops.

Charmingly easy-going and also attractive, severe macaws are actually the largest of the miniature macaws. Serious macaws commonly gather together at clay bits with a wide array of other birds. Intense macaws are actually a sturdy types of macaw. If they were to be subjected to various other ill birds, they are prone to proventricular extension condition (macaw losing illness) and also psittacosis (chlamydiosis or parrot high temperature).

Serious macaws may be smaller macaws, but they are actually all muscle mass.

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