Blue and Gold Macaw: Bird Species Profile

Wonderful, fascinating, intelligent, and impressive, gold as well as blue macaws are one of the most preferred huge parrots. These vibrantly colored appeals have a lot more to provide than just a rather skin; they teem with character and amusing beauty. They are among the a lot more well-known birds on the planet and are an extraordinary family pet for individuals that can easily deal with a big parrot that requires focus.

Types Overview COMMON NAMES: Blue as well as gold macaw, blue as well as yellow macaw


GROWNUP SIZE: 33 ins coming from beak to rear plumes, wingspan can easily get to 40 ins or even more, and also they normally consider over 2 pounds

LONGEVITY: Can live 60 or even more years, although a lot of reside regarding 30 years; some blue as well as golds have actually lived up to 100 or even more

Source as well as History

In the wild, blue and also gold macaws appreciate a large variety from Panama in Central America, expanding in to just about every nation of northern South America. They have actually also been offered in Puerto Rico.

Blue and also golds generally live in the forests near rivers as well as swamps, though they could be found in a verdant savannah if it possesses high plants. Most often taking a trip in sets, macaws will gather in large flocks at specific times of the year or even will definitely meet up throughout the early morning and night hrs to forage for meals.

Wild blue and golds are a risked varieties. Much of their populace downtrend in the wild has actually been because of habitation devastation, holding, and also seeking. Unfortunately, prior to imprisoned breeding programs, these young birds were frequently taken straight coming from the nest and also cost the pet field. A lot of protective parents passed away protecting their children, and many young parrots performed certainly not survive.

Since 1935, the blue and golds have been multiplied successfully in the U.S. Breeders are readily offered, and also their frequency makes all of them one of the more budget-friendly huge parrots.


Their affability as well as also, sweet character creates gold and blue macaws an excellent household pet. Their intelligence, desire to learn, and also chatting capacity are an additionally.

When made it possible for to socialize with a range of folks, blue and also golds carry out quite possibly adapting to various other birds as well as different folks. The blue and gold is actually a wonderful bird for tricks. They're a well-known headliner at bird programs, and a lot of owners might also take them out around town with help from bird leads and also safety seat.

Around the house, these macaws might imitate helpful pet dogs. They enjoy being near their managers as well as find interest. They are actually additionally content on their post, enjoying the task around them.

Speech as well as Vocalizations

Blue and gold macaws can ear-shattering calls, which are actually typically disliked by close neighbors. They are not the greatest option for those who live in apartments as well as condos or if you have toddlers who are actually stunned through noise.

This bird is actually an excellent talker; it can easily discover promptly and also strives to satisfy. Provided the clearness of their voice, lots of individuals consider all of them one of the best chatting parrots.

Blue as well as Gold Macaw Colors and also Markings

Blue and also gold macaws receive their usual name coming from their 2 very most notable feather shades. They normally have an environment-friendly temple, fading right into a teal blue that covers the nape, back, tail, as well as airfoils. The upper body and also underside of the wings as well as stubborn belly are actually a bright golden yellowish.

These birds have huge dark beaks as well as a black patch of feathers simply under its own beak. White spots of skin layer spruced up along with rings of very small black plumes encompass their eyes and deal with much of the skin.

Blue and gold macaws are actually monotypic, meaning there is actually just one bird that falls into the species. Having said that, bird specialists advise that there are 2 variants or even subspecies. These are actually the Bolivian blue and also gold macaw, a bigger bird along with more of an actual blue colouring than the common blue-green, and the blue-throated macaw, which has a teal blue throat instead of a black throat.

This bird is actually a monomorphic types, indicating guys and also women are scarcely distinguishable from each other. A lot of believed that the male possesses a flatter crown, and the women possesses a narrower beak; the only way to show the sex of this macaw is actually via operative or even genetic sexing.

Caring for a Blue and also Gold Macaw

Like the majority of macaws, the gold and blue grows on interest from its own owner as well as will certainly create a powerful connect along with its family members. Take a while to interact socially these birds adequately and to offer them with appropriate mental excitement; otherwise, they could resort to shrieking away from boredom.

These raucous birds call for a cage that is at a minimum required at the very least 5-feet tall and a minimum of 3- or even 4-feet wide and also long. The bird needs great deals of area to flex its own wings, jump and also go up all around, and also keep on its own inhabited.

Some managers even possess a committed, bird-safe room. Because these birds gnaw on almost everything, clear away electrical cords, jewelry, and also wooden furniture.

Yet another factor to consider before you devote to getting this bird is the price of possession. In addition to the expense of the bird, consider the bird animal medical practitioner expenses, high quality feed, and the add-on expenses for a crate, play position, and also playthings.

Common Health Problems

Macaws may be actually long-lived birds, but, like all parrots, they lean to a virus-like infection called macaw throwing away disorder as well as overgrown beaks.

Like various other parrots, blue and golds may turn to self-mutilation through plume plucking if they experience overlooked or tired.

A well-thought-out diet and also ample exercise are required to preserve household pet bird wellness. This bird is prone to developing dietary disorders like weight problems, fatty liver illness, and also fatty tumors.

Diet as well as Nutrition

In bush, the majority of macaws, featuring blue-and-gold macaws, eat a wide array of seeds, vegetation component, fruit products, and also nuts.

Restricted blue as well as gold macaws need to get a varied diet plan being composed of as several types of clean fruits and veggies as achievable. The bird ought to also acquire a premium pelleted diet regimen with some healthy seeds, such as hemp, flax, and also chia. Stay away from many nut manages; these are higher in body fat.

Each macaw, depending on its measurements, are going to eat concerning 1/2 to 3/4 cup of parrot mix as well as about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of fruits and veggie each day. You can easily nourish it as soon as in the morning upon waking as well as at twilight before it hits the hay. Eliminate all leftover food before bedtime.

Fruit products that are great to supply to macaws feature apples, pears, plums, cherries, grapes, oranges, fruits, mangos, papayas, and also berries. Healthy and balanced veggies include carrots, wonderful whites potato, cucumbers, zucchini, and also leafy veggies. Certainly never supply delicious chocolate, avocado, or even rhubarb; these meals are actually hazardous to birds. As an occasional instruction treat, promotion almonds like macadamias, pines, hazelnuts, pecans, and almonds.


Blue and also gold macaws are active birds. They love to climb up, turn, throw, and also eat. Owners must give a minimum of 2 to 3 hours of playtime away from the crate each day to ensure the bird can easily extend and also exercise its muscular tissues.

These birds possess strong jaw muscle mass. Eating and gnawing are actually required to keep their mandibles well-balanced as well as fit. Heavy duty playthings are a must, as the blue as well as gold's beak is known to be devastating. Offer bird-safe chewable playthings made from natural leather and have add-ons on hand as they acquire ruined.

Exploratory toys with spaces and crannies supply mental enrichment. The bird uses its own huge beak to explore items. A bird acquires satisfaction upon damaging points open or drawing all of them apart.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Blue and Gold Macaw

Get in touch with breeders to see if you can easily devote some opportunity with all of them as well as their birds. Talk to an individual that has expertise bring up these birds before you choose if they are actually best for you.

Some internet resources where you may find gold and also blue macaws include:

  • Birds Breeders

  • Petfinder

  • Birds of Paradise

Make sure that the bird you want to take home looks out, energetic, and also exhibits all the signs of a well-balanced bird, including bright eyes, clean plumes, as well as total crops.

When allowed to hang out with an assortment of individuals, blue and golds perform really properly conforming to various other birds and different folks. They're a prominent headliner at bird shows, and numerous owners may also take all of them out around community along with the help of bird leashes and also auto chairs.

Blue and gold macaws are actually monotypic, indicating there is actually merely one bird that falls in to the varieties. These are actually the Bolivian blue as well as gold macaw, a much larger bird along with more of a true blue coloring than the common turquoise, as well as the blue-throated macaw, which possesses a teal blue neck as an alternative of a black throat.